Heath & Safety Guidelines

Heath & Safety Guidelines

The below guidelines must be read by staff, contractors or any person representing JOLIVER Ltd. It is the intention to ensure that our activities are carried out within the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, The Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963, The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992, and other relevant legislation and Codes of Practice. Management will regularly review and monitor all work activities and, where necessary, amend and improve safety procedures promptly.

Owing to the dynamic nature of this company’s work activities, it is our intention to be diligent in the application of risk assessment, and to that extent we expect all employees and contractors to assist us in this important process. The significant findings of risk assessments shall be communicated to all relevant parties.

Although the implementation of this policy is a management responsibility, it is nevertheless the duty of all employees and contractors to be responsible for the health and safety of themselves and others, and to cooperate with the management and to do everything necessary to prevent injury to themselves, their fellow workers and any members of the public who come into contact with the company’s work activities.

All employees must report promptly to their supervisor or manager any significant defects or hazards observed. The cooperation of all employees and contractors is vital to the continuing success of this company’s good health and safety record.

Please read rules below before commencing work on behalf of JOLIVER Ltd – thanks for your cooperation:

  1. All persons MUST carry out their work in a safe and healthy manner. REMEMBER to look after your health and safety as well as others.
  2. Good housekeeping is important. The production van MUST be locked at all times when a member of the crew is not with the vehicle, please also keep them tidy and clean.
  3. Only operate equipment and carry out tasks for which you have been trained.
  4. Care is to be taken to avoid damage to property etc. and is to be reported immediately to your Supervisor.
  5. All Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment e.g. gloves, masks, goggles are to be worn whenever identified by the Risk Assessments, Method Statement or COSHH Assessments.
  6. All accidents MUST be reported to the Producer.
  7. All ladders are to be properly footed and/or secured (tied).
  8. Take care when working near machinery and observe all H&S requirements.
  9. No horseplay is allowed and if seen that person will be removed permanently from the site.
  10. If noise reaches the first action level (85 dBa) ear protection will be worn.
  11. All call times and show times are subject to change. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check these times. If you are not where you are supposed to be, at the time notified, you may be left behind. Any travel costs you then incur will be at your own expense.
  12. Please be aware that insurance held by JOLIVER Ltd does not cover theft of any items left unattended anywhere or on the transport provided, this includes ALL personal items. It is your responsibility to insure all personal items.

NB: We enforce a strict NO drug / alcohol consumption policy during working hours in accordance with our insurance policy and health & safety regulations. Failure to observe these regulations will result in instant dismissal. Thank you.

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